Caught up with my bruh Jeremy, a buyer at Off The Hook. Possibly one of the best shops in Montréal. I’ve been shopping there for years and this year will be their 15 year anniversary, so congrats to these guys for killing the game.

  • Lighting procedures at Place-des-Arts
  • Blue Mercedes-Benz
  • Dépanneur = Corner store


What’s up guys! How was everyone’s day ? Mine was alright, i did a shoot earlier today, you’ll see a few of those photographs sometime next week. I start school in a week as well, summer classes that is. I’m somewhat excited for it, and i’m trying to make myself more occupied currently with a few projects in mind. I hope my summer goes well, i don’t know what else to say but if you noticed on my /about me page, i’m trying to post more often and make it a habit. I spend way to much time by myself and i love the interwebz!

On constant reply today, here’s some Japanese groovy music for y’all. I’ve been a fan of tofubeats for a few year’s now, i would love to meet him some day to talk about music, and other shit in life. Have a good day y’all!